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About Us

We are a practice focused on family wellness, women's health, infertility, pregnancy, postpartum and pediatric care. As soon as you walk through the door you will get that "family feeling vibe".


Whether you are going through:

  • Motherhood transition

  • Trying to conceive

  • Already pregnant

  • Need postpartum care

  • Want to have your child checked

  • Experiencing discomfort or pain​ or just want to be the best you.

The  Invigorate Chiropractic ​team is here for you. 

We understand that the only way a person's body can be healthy and function at its full potential is through an optimal functioning Nervous System. Here at Invigorate Chiropractic it is our passion to help our patients function at their ultimate potential by removing the interference in the nervous system. In order for this to happen, your spine, which houses the your nervous system has to be balanced and in proper alignment. 


making one feel strong, healthy, and full of energy

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Purpose

Interested in having you and your family checked?