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Chiropractic Care for Big Kids

Being a big kid can be difficult! There are lot of demands being placed on kiddos as they continue to grow. They are caring heavy schoolbags, on computers and cell phones for long periods of time, playing high level sports, going through hormonal changes, stressing about grades and getting into college, etc. All of these stressors can cause imbalances in their spine and nervous system.

For big kids, some warning signs of this imbalance are:

  • Slow recovery from minor illnesses, and recurring colds, flus and allergies

  • Poor balance and coordination

  • Inability to concentrate

  • Growing pains

  • Agitation, anxiety

  • Oversensitivity to environmental noises

  • Eczema, pale skin, discoloration under their eyes

  • Bed wetting

  •  A bloated tummy, constipation

  • Hyperactivity

  • Defiant or angry behavior

  • Consistently low mood, lack of enthusiasm for life

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Fatigue upon waking, general sluggishness

At Invigorate Chiropractic, Dr. Lacey and Dr. Meghan can assess how your child’s spine and nervous system is adapting to these life style stressors. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help to support optimal growth and nerve function. Dr. Lacey and Dr. Meghan are trained in pediatric chiropractic care to help your big kid become a thriving young adult.  They are here to help support your family as they transition throughout life.

Big kids with optimally functioning nervous systems from visiting a pediatric chiropractor tend to have:

  • Increased sleep

  • Diminished allergies

  • Elevated mood

  • Decreased scoliosis

  • Enhanced performance

  • Improvement in behavioral issues

  • Better Connection

  • Less asthma

  • Diminished bedwetting

  • More calmness

  • Advancement in school

Interested in having your Big Kid checked?